Qld Grains Research Institute Model

Proposal and Business Plan available here

Serious concerns have been expressed by the Queensland grains industry for many years regarding the demise of grains research investment and the declining rate of productivity gain in the industry. There is a significant need to reinvigorate investment in and conduct of RD&E to support the Queensland grains industry. The Queensland grains industry is a major agricultural industry providing around $4 billion into the Queensland economy each year through direct and first-stage indirect contributions.

Productivity improvements have basically stagnated in recent years since the mid 1990s. In order for the Queensland grains industry to remain financially sustainable and competitive there is a huge need to improve productivity and profitability in order to successfully meet demand in domestic and international markets.

A new strategic approach and a new organisation are needed to conduct and deliver RD&E to the grains industry for at least the next 25 years. 

A new RD&E organisation is proposed, structured as an industry owned company, which is focussed on delivering RD&E outcomes to growers and the grains industry.

The new RD&E organisation is based on:
  • >A Statutory Funding Agreement for ongoing Queensland Government support and investment;
  • A voluntary levy contributed by grain growers who deliver grain in Queensland;
  • The normal continuation of existing research funding arrangements and collaborations;
  • The transfer of QDAFF grains research related personnel to the industry owned company; and
  • The transfer of selected grains RD&E assets and their operational staff from the Queensland Government to the industry owned company.
The new organisation is proposed to be known as the Queensland Grains Research Institute (QGRI).

As an industry owned company it is proposed that QGRI be established as a notfor-profit company limited by guarantee and owned by its members. Members would be all the current voluntary levy contributors.