Leslie Research Centre

The creation and development of the Queensland Wheat Research Institute (QWRI) was initiated by grain growers through the Queensland Wheat Industry Research Committee. The land purchase was entirely grower funded, and the building works were overwhelmingly grower funded (92%), with about half of the funds coming from a voluntary levy. According to the Houen report (2002), "the establishment and successful operation and further development of the Institute were achieved in an exceptionally positive and cooperative partnership with the DPI and State Government and others".

The Queensland Wheat Research Institute (QWRI) was officially opened on 1 September, 1962. Although it primarily housed researchers from the state department of agriculture, its facilities were available to wheat research workers from any organization: e.g. The University of Queensland.

Download a copy of the 1962 QWRI Official Opening brouchure here (427KB).

QWRI is now known as the Leslie Research Center (LRC).